Ministry Challenge Group Signup

Thank you for reaching out to support the Food Bank of Corpus Christi and to raise funds for your group at the same time!  By registering below you will receive a code that can be used by anyone to buy any regular priced ticket (Not available on VIP Tickets; Cannot be used with any other group or discount offers). From the sale of each ticket, the group that you register will receive $4.00 and the Food Bank of Corpus Christi will receive $1.00.  Or if you would like to support the food bank directly with this effort you can use FBCC as your code and the Food Bank will receive the full $5.00.

To use the code you simply let people know that if they are going to buy tickets you and the food bank will both benefit from the purchase if they use your code.

All they need to do is type the code you give them into the box at the bottom of the ticket purchase page; hit apply code, select any ticket price from the drop down menu labeled “Ministry Challenge,” and complete the purchase! Your account will then have $4.00 added to it and the food bank will get $1.00 added to theirs.

It is just that simple!

Just provide us with a suggested code (keep it simple and easy to remember – 5 or 6 characters max – use an acronym if you would like) and we will use it if we can.  If not we will send you an email on the next business day, with a new code suggestion or with a confirmation that we can use your requested code.

Thank you again for the support of Spirit Fest and the Food Bank of Corpus Christi.