Rock and Worship Roadshow FASTPASS FAQs

Q: What time do I need to arrive at the venue for the Rock and Worship Roadshow?
A: We ask that you please arrive around the following time(s):
– 03/16/17 – Boise, ID: 4:30pm
– 03/17/17 – Kent, WA: 4:30pm
– 03/18/17 – Salem, OR: 4:30pm
– 03/19/17 – Spokane, WA: 3:30pm

Q: What time do doors open at the venue for the Rock and Worship Roadshow?
A: Door will open at the following time(s) for Fast Pass holders:
– 03/16/17 – Boise, ID: 5:30pm
– 03/17/17 – Kent, WA: 5:30pm
– 03/18/17 – Salem, OR: 5:30pm
– 03/19/17 – Spokane, WA: 4:30pm

*Fastpass holders will enter after VIP ticket holders and before regular general admission.

Q: What happens if I cannot make it to the venue at that time?
A:  You will still be able to utilize the Fast Pass entrance, however you may be entering  alongside the regular General Admission ticket purchasers. The Fast Pass doors will close at 6:15pm (5:15pm in Spokane, WA).

Q: How long will the Fast Pass doors be open?
A: We will have Fast Pass doors open until the following time(s):
– 03/16/17 – Boise, ID: 6:15pm
– 03/17/17 – Kent, WA:6:15pm
– 03/18/17 – Salem, OR:6:15pm
– 03/19/17 – Spokane, WA: 5:15pm

Q: Is the location listed on my Fast Pass my seat location once inside the venue?
A: No. The location listed on your ticket is your location in line ONLY. Once you are in the building all seating is General Admission (first come, first serve)

Q: What does my Fast Pass include?
A: Your Fast Pass includes your guaranteed entry into the show AND your reserved spot in line. Just like some popular airlines, you are given an assigned entry group and space in line.

Q: How will I know where to go when I arrive at the venue?
A: We will have signs and banners set up to give direction, as well as a designated information booth

Q: Do I need to print out my Fast Pass ahead of time, or can I pull it up on my phone?
A: You must print out your ticket ahead of time, because we cannot scan your ticket on your phone. If you are unable to print your ticket you can visit our information booth to have it printed onsite

Q: Can I purchase a Fast Pass on the day of the show?
A: No. All Fast Passes are advanced sales only

Q: If I purchased a Groupon ticket, how do I redeem it?
A: There will be a designated Groupon Redemption table outside of the venue – simply bring a valid ID and we will have your Fast Pass waiting for you.